Having run more than 3,500 measurement studies for hundreds of brands and agencies across media of all types, it’s safe to say we’ve learned a few things. Let us share those learnings with you and help quantify your approach to media planning.

Sales Effect measures the impact of your campaign at the cash register, answering the age-old questions of advertising: 1) did the ad drive sales, 2) where did spend over and underperform, and 3) how can these results inform the next media plan. Sales Effect measurement studies can analyze digital, mobile, tv, print radio, cross-media… even a brand’s email and CRM-based campaigns. Here’s what Sales Effect can illuminate for your campaign:

NCS Incremental Sales


  • Total incremental sales and sales lift: a test & control method measuring the in-store behavior of consumers who saw the ad vs. those who didn’t.
  • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS): the return for each dollar invested directly in the ad campaign. See our benchmark data to learn more.
  • Performance By Tactic: insights spanning the results of each media type and ad format, along with the impact of multiple media type exposure.
  • Performance By Audience: a decomposition of in-store behavior across buyers of different loyalty levels.
  • Competitive Share Shift: analysis of the competitive brands who lost market share to your campaign efforts, as well as any brands who may have benefitted from your ad driving consumers to the store.

How do we achieve it? This overview explains our methodology: