As a marketer, the value proposition of demographics has been etched into your brain. Buyergraphics are demographics too, but on top of containing core demographic data like age, sex, income and geography, the data also includes purchase behavior. That’s important to note, for two reasons:

  1. In verticals with short sales cycles (like CPG and OTC), the #1 predictor of future purchase behavior is past purchase behavior. If you want to sell someone a new cereal, there is no demographic or psychographic data that will consistently predict their reaction better than knowing what cereals they bought over the past year. That’s what the purchase data in buyergraphics can do for your brand.
  2. If you have access to consumers’ purchase behavior, you can not only define more effective audiences, but can also measure the impact of an ad campaign in real world terms: dollars at the register. That’s real return on ad spend.

NCS 10 Brand Study

NCS operates the largest and most representative CPG buyergraphic dataset in the nation. These audience segments – 850 pre-built for turn-key activation, along with infinite custom segments – change the way advertising campaigns are developed.

All of an advertiser’s core needs are notably improved with buyergraphics: justifying ad spend, quantifying results, tying creative to campaign goals, identifying the most valuable non-buyers, avoiding the “50% waste” problem, and continually optimizing media plans. Even if your goal is to build the brand among non-buyers, and ROAS is the last thing on your mind, there is no better way to isolate that audience than through their purchase history.

NCS Audience Framework

Where can you find our audience segments? That’s the easiest part. NCS audiences are already available for immediate activation in your favorite programmatic platform or agency trade desk, through our AdVantics On Demand™ license, or as managed services through our dedicated client consultants. Get in touch to make a quantifiable difference in your campaign outcomes.