Five Keys To Advertising Effectiveness

NCS and Nielsen are proud to present the most comprehensive analysis of what drives advertising effectiveness—creative, reach, targeting, recency and context—based on nearly 500 studies from 2016 and 2017 and over a decade of experience in linking advertising to sales results: Five Keys To Advertising Effectiveness.

This report evaluates the sales contribution of these five key drivers—and how their roles have changed since the ambitious Project Apollo studies of 2006. It also incorporates a separate study that examines the reach of TV & digital for nearly 900 cross-media campaigns.

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Revealing The Return On Recency

In concert with Viant and Joel Rubinson, NCS purchase data has unearthed further evidence of the value in targeting actual brand buyers and the impact of reaching them at the right moment.

Dubbed The Persuadables, this three-brand CPG study crafted a consumer segment composed of heavy brand buyers who were about to mature in their purchase cycles, and pitted their results at the register against an array of other, more traditional consumer segments. The outcome was nothing short of incredible:

  • The Persuadables (heavier volume shoppers who are close to their next purchase) generated a 16x greater ROAS than the other exposed audiences
  • Targeting heavy brand buyers provided a significant lift in ROAS; proof that targeting brand buyers vs. non-brand buyers is uniformly a better strategy

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NCS And 4INFO Release 2017 Mobile ROAS Benchmarks

For the third year running, NCS has collaborated with 4INFO to benchmark the performance of mobile advertising where it counts: at the cash register.

Compiled from 248 studies of CPG brands covering mobile display and video, our 2017 Mobile Benchmarks highlight some interesting trends right off the bat—namely, that ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of mobile campaigns has increased 30% since our last report, as the industry is quickly ramping up its expertise in mobile as a medium, and technological innovation improves both platforms and operations alike.

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TNT’s TargetingNOW TV Platform Generates $4.9MM In Incremental Sales For Yogurt Brand

In a recent TV study for a major yogurt brand, TNT leveraged NCS purchase-based audiences and Sales Effect measurement for a closed-loop solution that drove nearly $5MM in retail sales above and beyond what consumers would have spent had the ads not run.

A big part of that success came from TNT’s TargetingNOW technology. In their words:

Turner uses an in-house, proprietary model called CAE (Competitive Audience Estimation) in order to optimize the schedule. CAE is a predictive model that ingests a variety of data sets and builds 30 minute impression level estimates against the target—it is the most granular audience estimation tool in the industry.

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Silk Taps Into A 10% Incremental Sales Lift Thanks to Influencer Marketing

In a first-of-its-kind study, NCS came together with TapInfluence’s influencer marketing platform to realize in-store sales lift for WhiteWave Foods’ Silk brands.

This was an especially interesting study for us, not only because it was the first to tie influencer marketing to attributable sales lift at the cash register, but because it blurred the line between what traditional media would consider a pageview vs. an impression.

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