What’s Next: Navigating the New Age of Facebook Audience Targeting

NCS, Facebook & Liveramp updated privacy and targeting segments header

NCS can help you navigate the new third-party audience requirements.

“The August 15th Deadline” is here and there are still so many questions looming in the minds of digital advertisers about the “post-Partner Categories” world of advertising on Facebook. Will there be less data to use for delivering targeted advertising? How will my existing campaigns and segments be impacted? Will I have to redo my entire advertising plan and budget?  Are my campaigns at risk of becoming less efficient, or will I be able to maintain campaign performance?

According to AdAge, “An estimated $1 billion of ad spend on Facebook has gone through third-party partner program every year.” NCS is well prepared for this transition. Because safeguarding consumer privacy and advertising data integrity has always been a core value for us, very little will change in regards to how you can use our segments to reach your important audiences on Facebook.

Below are answers to some of the common questions we’ve heard about reaching your important audiences on Facebook after August 15th.

  1. Facebook is taking a big stand on privacy, and NCS meets all of the company’s third-party data requirements. Once you have worked with LiveRamp to complete the necessary paperwork, it will be business as usual.
  2. Advertisers can continue to use their existing custom NCS segments to reach Facebook audiences, and can continue to work with NCS to create new custom segments specific to their brand and campaign needs. NCS has partnered with LiveRamp to modify this process to meet the new criteria required by Facebook.
  3. In addition to NCS custom segments, CPG advertisers can also access over 850 of the highest quality, standard syndicated segments for more quickly reaching purchase-based audiences on Facebook.
  4. Activating media against your custom audiences is simple: you can define your audience once, and reach it with advertising on nearly any platform. Including Facebook.
  5. We know your budgets are already set; no need to go back to the drawing board. NCS is doing our best to keep pricing consistent with what you’ve seen in the past. Facebook has historically passed along 15% of spending to its data providers, and now that cost has become more transparent.

Past purchase behavior is, and always has been, the leading indicator of future purchase intent in the CPG category. Having the right purchase dataset is the foundation for ensuring that your advertising is being delivered to the right audiences.  Whether you have used NCS segments to target on Facebook in the past, or whether this is your first time, NCS and LiveRamp can lead you through this process to set you up for Q4 success.


Download the above document and we will contact you to answer any questions you might have.