The CPG Loyalty Compass: Brand Loyalty Insights to Plan for What’s Next

By NCS Marketing

At the start of the pandemic, we had a lot of questions—as did our clients—on how to advertise during these uncharted times. So we embarked on a research study to understand how sales for 50 CPG brands were impacted by the changed economy, and the role that brand loyalty played in these shifts. We presented our findings in a webinar with Adweek on brand loyalty in an age of COVID-19. 

Now that we’re nearly halfway through summer, a few things have changed.

States are opening back up (and some closing again). Though consumers are starting to test out restaurants in a COVID-19 era, they’re for the most part still cooking and spending more time at home—with grocery spend remaining significantly elevated compared to the same time last year. Which means that a lot of dollars are still on the table for CPG brands, and advertising is as important as ever (if not even more so).

We understand that your business is still recovering from supply chain challenges, stripped marketing budgets, and moral and political factors that all impact where to place and how much to spend on your advertising. 

Have you endured declining brand share? Enjoyed growing brand share? Gone dark? Experienced stockouts? Whatever challenges you’ve encountered, we’ve created a CPG Loyalty Compass to help you navigate today and into the future. Learn more about the actions you can take to grow your brand.