To support the industry’s need for faster insights, NCS has introduced an optimization product called Purchase Data Metrics (PDM) which optimizes in-flight advertising for digital publishers in the CPG ecosystem, based on near real-time sales data. PDM measures total sales, penetration and trips for any defined group of anonymized households (cohorts) during a selected timeframe. The new solution allows users to access daily sales data on-demand, making it  the CPG industry’s fastest and most frequent purchase signal.

Illustration of Purchase Data Metrics real time sales data emitting from a cash register

PDM is delivered to a digital publisher or platform via a universal API and is available for any group of anonymized households (cohorts) a publisher or platform can provide. The near real-time sales data available via PDM delivers directional insights to help optimize a campaign while it’s in-flight and can be validated with NCS’s sales lift measurements, once the campaign is complete.