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Advertising is in a state of continual innovation. As the landscape evolves, so should your campaign measurement.

Measure and learn which aspects of your campaign drove consumers into stores and motivated purchases.

NCS client consultants work with you to develop strategies and metrics that allow you to better measure campaigns cross-platform, consistently and accurately.


NCS Sales Effect Studies provide the analysis and verify the insights that will advance your strategy and your brand, keeping you at the forefront of all developments in analytics, such as machine learning.


Stand apart from the competition by offering advertisers in-depth sales lift measurement.


Compete for digital dollars by delivering brands a complete picture of their campaigns.

CPG Advertisers: Measure your YouTube campaigns with NCS Sales Effect Studies

NCS Sales Effect Studies answer your most pressing questions about performance, using sales lift and return on ad spend - whether your campaign is new or tried-and-true.

How do brands and media partners know if advertising is working?

How did the sales lift break down by creative? By platform? By other targets?

How much did new and existing buyers contribute to my sales lift?

What was the incremental response from each buyer group?

Our trusted methods calculate your campaign’s incremental sales lift and validate which aspects drove consumers into stores and motivated purchasers to actually buy.

Pop Tarts Hits the Top of the Charts on Pandora

When Pandora wanted to evaluate the results of a Kellogg’s Pop Tarts campaign, they turned to NCS. Find out more about which campaign tactics were most effective in driving incremental sales