With the ever-increasing speed of adtech, it’s no surprise that many of us are prone to seek out immediate results in our roles. From a marketing perspective, particularly as digital media engage with us in a real-time, it’s easy to lose sight of the long game when it comes to the effect of advertising. Truth be told, however, advertising can be just as effective—if not more so—over the long haul than its immediate results indicate.

To assess long-term ad-driven buy and repeat behavior in the market, marketers traditionally relied on a broad rule of thumb: a benchmark known as the “2x multiplier.” That multiplier is the relationship between the sales lift generated in the long term and the sales lift generated in the short term.

At NCS, we didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of all CPG brands (with their myriad price points, purchase cycles and competitive landscapes) sharing this broad-stroke multiplier. So, we’ve applied our industry-leading single-source data and award-winning R&D efforts to deliver advertisers with their first brand-centric Long Term Effect; exposing actual drivers of extended campaign success, and how they vary by brand.

Long Term Effect Chart-1

When advertisers know their actual long-term multiplier, they gain critical to insights into:

  1. The actual differences between short-term marketing tactics and the total impact of advertising
  2. The value of advertising to different brands in the same portfolio
  3. The differences between different marketing/advertising campaigns, and
  4. The general health of a brand

You can get in touch for further information, read our Journal Of Advertising Research whitepaper, or check out the Ad Age article.