In-Flight Optimization (IFO) empowers advertisers and agencies to maximize incremental sales by continuously refining key media variables during a digital or mobile campaign. In short, IFO strengthens your live campaign’s performance to improve the outcome.

As a result, clients have used In-Flight Optimization to understand which creative, publisher, audience segment, ad format, ad placement, and viewability factors are performing against alternatives. The metrics roll in each week, every week, and how you choose to optimize your campaign based on IFO’s insights are entirely up to you. Of course, your expert client consultant from NCS is there every step of the way to walk you through their recommendations.

If you can track it, IFO can optimize it. Up to ten tagged variables may be reported on in a single campaign. Or, publishers can go even further with Direct Match, allowing the campaign to be optimized on any datapoint a user might generate, such as search behavior.


The breakthrough is in your ability to actively maintain equilibrium in a live media plan, ensuring ad spend is shifted towards higher performing variables until every aspect is firing on all cylinders.

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