Reach Plus Frequency Equals Nirvana

MIAMI—November 28, 2017—The traditional television ecosystem—buying on age and sex demographics—is “pretty well oiled.” So when some advertisers consider advanced audience targeting, there’s a certain amount of inertia, along with financial constraints, that can hold things back.

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Spotify Ads are 25 Percent More Effective than Average, Study Says

Cross-platform, multimedia spots drove increased sales for CPG brands, according to Nielsen Catalina Solutions.

June 20, 2017–Like Netflix, Twitter and other internet staples before it, music streaming service Spotify has been struggling to convert a rapidly growing user base into revenue.

But while the company contemplates going public, it’s also been expanding its offerings, ramping up video and podcast support, and it’s diversified ads beyond audio spots. Now a new study from NCS shows the total incremental sales per 1,000 impressions for Spotify ads for 11 major CPG brands was 25 percent higher than average.

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Purina Will Finally be Able to Stop Wasting Cat Money on Dog People

June 16, 2017—Purina will finally be able to stop wasting cat money on dog people. The pet product giant will soon be able to deliver cat food ads only to households with cats. And dog food ads to only dog houses. And so on.

That capability is the result of an elaborate new partnership between NCS, which collects data on 90 million US households’ real purchase activities using shopper loyalty cards, and the ad tech company Innovid.

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NCS Emerges as Leading Third-Party Measurement Provider for Digital Media Companies

BUSINESS WIRE—NEW YORK—June 15, 2017—NCS, the leading ad targeting and ROAS measurement company for the CPG industry, today announced relationships with Spotify, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest, which will enable CPG advertisers to measure the in-store impact of their advertising on these channels. Coupled with long-standing relationships with Facebook, Pandora (including the well-known Pop-Tarts campaign), and many other digital platforms, NCS is now measuring sales results for nearly every major digital advertising company.

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The Persuadables: New Research Reveals Principals For Driving Higher ROAS by Combining Purchase Cycle with People-based Advertising

Irvine, CA—May 9, 2017—Joel Rubinson of Rubinson Partners, NCS, and Viant, a Time Inc. people-based advertising technology company, today announced a new study aimed at helping CPG marketers understand how to better target advertising to drive the highest return on ad spend (ROAS). The research provides a clear methodology for identifying audience segments that are most likely to make a purchase as a result of advertising, and for understanding when in the purchase cycle to engage them for maximum sales impact.

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