NCS Introduces Targeting Playbook for CPG Brands

Brand Growth Consortium Completes Research Project Aimed at Understanding How to Target Advertising for Better Returns

NEW YORK–June 13, 2018–Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), the company that improves advertising performance for the CPG ecosystem, today announced a new playbook for CPG marketers that can identify which TV and digital media targets are expected to drive the highest dollar sales based on brand traits and creative effectiveness.

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Nielsen Catalina Solutions Launches Industry Research Project to Understand How to Build Brands

How to Build Brands header illustration

Leading brands, media companies and organizations come together in study with unprecedented scope

CINCINNATIMarch 22, 2018–Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), the leading ad targeting and sales attribution provider for the CPG industry, and Nielsen, the global audience measurement leader, have launched a new industry research study aimed at understanding the best strategy for building CPG brands. For the first time, the advertising industry will have a holistic view of the measures that determine how a brand grows across time, and will be able to understand the importance of each piece of the media mix in a brand’s success.

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Will The Ad Industry Move To A Sales Guarantee?

February 01, 2018–Over the past year, media companies and data providers have worked together to offer secondary media guarantees based on a slew of new metrics. If you can measure it, odds are someone is guaranteeing against it. The TV networks have adopted the philosophy of “bring me your data, we’ll guarantee against it.” Advertisers are pushing for more accountability for their spending, and the platforms they work with are rising to the occasion.

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Condé Nast Bringing in Nielsen Catalina Data to Optimize Ad Campaigns

December 12, 2017–CPG advertisers running on Condé Nast properties will be able to target, optimize and measure campaigns using purchase data from Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) beginning in Q1 next year.

The publisher wants to marry its expertise in creative development and sponsored content with an attention to attribution and the bottom line. “If you are not connecting those dots, someone else will prove that out,” said Craig Kostelic, chief business officer for the Lifestyle Collection at Condé Nast.

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Reach Plus Frequency Equals Nirvana

MIAMI—November 28, 2017—The traditional television ecosystem—buying on age and sex demographics—is “pretty well oiled.” So when some advertisers consider advanced audience targeting, there’s a certain amount of inertia, along with financial constraints, that can hold things back.

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Spotify Ads are 25 Percent More Effective than Average, Study Says

Cross-platform, multimedia spots drove increased sales for CPG brands, according to Nielsen Catalina Solutions.

June 20, 2017–Like Netflix, Twitter and other internet staples before it, music streaming service Spotify has been struggling to convert a rapidly growing user base into revenue.

But while the company contemplates going public, it’s also been expanding its offerings, ramping up video and podcast support, and it’s diversified ads beyond audio spots. Now a new study from Nielsen Catalina Solutions shows the total incremental sales per 1,000 impressions for Spotify ads for 11 major CPG brands was 25 percent higher than average.

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