9 Essential Tips to Optimize Connected TV Advertising Spends

From SMBs to mid-market, businesses upended their go-to marketing strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as the markets reopen, brands have the advantage and exposure to new advertising tools, and one such medium is connected TV (CTV).

From standalone streaming devices, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google’s Android TV, and Apple TV to streaming channels such as HBO Max, Peacock, Hulu, the connected TV network has grown multifold in the recent years. The Leichtman Research Group estimates 80% of TV homes in the U.S. have at least one connected TV device. This is an increase from 74% with at least one connected TV device in 2018 and 24% in 2010. The study also reported that there are 400 million connected TV devices in the U.S. and 64% of TV households have three or more connected TV devices.

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