NCS Presents at ARF AudiencexScience 2018

At the recent ARF AudiencexScience 2018 conference, NCS presented three topics to showcase thought leadership in the areas of targeting, measuring the sales influenced by advertising in a total video world and optimizing advertising while a campaign is still in-flight.

Building Brands: Heavy Buyers or Non-Buyers—The Debate Continues

When it comes to Building Brands, What Matters?  Should you focus on increasing penetration, or drive return on ad spend?

Advertisers have long been divided on the best approach to targeting, some focused on targeting buyers and others with a counter strategy of targeting non-buyers. NCS and the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science have been the two primary researchers in this area. For the first time, in this project, the two organizations have come together with 50 CPG brands, five media companies and several respected industry institutions to explore the opposing strategies that marketers have been implementing.

  • Featured Speakers:
    • Leslie Wood, PHD., Chief Research Officer, NCS
    • Professor Rachel Kennedy, Associate Director, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, University of South Australia
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TV Everywhere: How Your Advertising is Working on Every Screen

Paints a picture of how today’s advanced TV landscape and clarifies “what’s OTT vs. CTV” and other acronyms. See case studies with campaigns which ran across multiple platforms and screens on AMC, Hulu and Roku.

  • Featured Speakers:
    • Ed Kim, VP Strategy, NCS
    • Gilbertson Cuffy, Director, Digital Marketing, Pepsico
    • Jessica Chonody, Vice President, Ad Sales Research, AMC Networks
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In-flight Sales Analysis: Bridging the Online to Offline Divide

Advertisers not only need to be accountable to sales, but now want to know what’s working while the ad campaign is still in-flight.  This is critical to be able to leverage the advantage of the “real-time” nature of our industry’s current programmatic investment capabilities.

Digital advertising has transformed marketing optimization for many verticals. However, some, such as CPG, have not been able to leverage sales conversion-based KPIs, since the majority of their purchases are offline. This often left CPG advertisers reliant on proxy KPIs with optimizations toward the highest correlation to sales as a goal.

In this study, two advertisers, Kellogg’s and ABInBev have piloted this new solution which enables real-time media optimizations, based on in-store sales. This two-step process includes optimizing digital campaigns while in-flight using A/B testing, providing the ability to see results of strategies in “real-time” and actually execute the learnings in a matter of weeks rather than a matter of months.

Once the campaign had finished, the results to incremental sales, total sales and return on ad spend (ROAS) were then validated in a full Sales Effect analysis by NCS.

  • Featured Speakers:
    • Emily Ray, Director, Data Operations, Oath
    • Carl Spaulding, EVP Strategy, NCS
    • Janelle Bowman, Director, Insights & Planning, Kellogg’s
    • Kyle Brennan, Programmatic Advertising, ABInBev