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Preparing for COVID-19

March 13, 2020

These are extraordinary times. Along with the rest of America, at NCS we’re doing our best to adjust to these uncharted waters. Our employees have transitioned to working remotely to protect their wellbeing and that of their families, and we’re happy to report that our teams are healthy thus far. Thankfully, we already had the infrastructure in place to support remote work, so our project delivery has, and will remain, uninterrupted.

Rapidly Evolving Consumer CPG and Media Consumption
Pandemics like COVID-19 send a shockwave to our everyday personal and business lives. The recent outbreak has changed the way that America consumes media, makes grocery and drug purchases, and spends its time. As Americans seek answers from the media and prepare their households to spend more time at home, we believe that this will lead to a major increase in the time spent consuming brand advertising. We understand that this raises questions for the advertising community on how to target, optimize, and measure campaigns during this period, and into the future. Now, more than ever, we remain focused on answering the question: what is the impact of my advertising on sales?

Continued Campaign Measurement and Targeting Delivery
Rest assured, our teams are working diligently to continue to deliver campaign measurements and targeting deliverables on time, adapting our solutions to account for this health crisis, and answer questions that emerge as this unprecedented situation unfolds. Our client consulting teams are working with our clients on activation strategies and target building to ensure delivered media will be most impactful to consumers today, and our data science teams are closely monitoring CPG purchase patterns of American households and actively adjusting our targeting methodology to remove anomalies in purchasing due to COVID-19, so you can get a true read on how your advertising is affecting sales.

Consumer Shopping Updates
We are actively tracking developments as they happen, and will monitor and report the trends we uncover on how this pandemic is influencing consumer CPG purchase behavior. We hope you stay safe and well throughout this evolving pandemic, and we will continue to share updates on this webpage.

In safety and wellness,
The NCS Team

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