NCS And 4INFO Release 2017 Mobile ROAS Benchmarks

For the third year running, NCS has collaborated with 4INFO to benchmark the performance of mobile advertising where it counts: at the cash register.

Compiled from 248 studies of CPG brands covering mobile display and video, our 2017 Mobile Benchmarks highlight some interesting trends right off the bat—namely, that ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of mobile campaigns has increased 30% since our last report, as the industry is quickly ramping up its expertise in mobile as a medium, and technological innovation improves both platforms and operations alike.

And yes, the industry is indeed getting smarter. Mobile campaigns now generate positive ROAS 90% of the time—a notable improvement and continued positive trend over recent years.

Now, there’s plenty more where that came from, and you can download the full Mobile Benchmarks report here. But there’s an additional wrinkle to the value of ROAS as a primary performance metric, and in a recent AdAge webinar, we discussed how sales measurement can clear up the discussion around fraud.

When one considers the requirements of a sales-based outcome—namely, that the viewer of the ad must also be connected to a frequent shopper card, and that card must report a purchase event—the fraud-fighting value of measuring on sales performance becomes clear.

In the webinar, Bought Vs. Bot, 4INFO laid out a strategy for vetting publishers’ fraud prevention capabilities by using results at the register as the gauge. Through incremental sales and ROAS, media buyers can more effectively examine and compare inventory and publishers with the confidence that bots don’t buy products. In a sector increasingly focused on accountability, these metrics are powerful assets.

Get into the details by checking out our Bought Vs. Bot webinar on-demand. Or, download the scripted presentation here.