The Blurring Lines of TV and Digital and Data Transparency on Beet TV

In the south of France at this year’s Cannes Festival, there was a lot of talk regarding the blurring of lines between TV and digital. Matt O’Grady, CEO of NCS, shares what’s on his mind regarding transparency and TV today.

Matt O’Grady on data Transparency: We’re All Responsible

Within the current digital media ecosystem, it’s too easy to “mask over the blemishes of core data.” It’s this aspect of transparency in particular that marketers should be questioning, according to Matt O’Grady, CEO NCS.

“Transparency is unquestionably the table stakes at this point,” O’Grady says in this interview with Beet.TV at the recent Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. “It’s a lot more than viewability, it’s a lot more than preventing fraud. Everybody along the supply chain is responsible for transparency. I really think we’ve hit a tipping point where everybody is acknowledging that we’re all collectively responsible.”

Matt O’Grady on Cross-Screen: The New Inflection Point

There was much discussion on the “many definitions of TV.” What’s important is that cross-screen measurement and cross-screen access to advertisers has changed dramatically, he adds.

“I really think we’re at an inflection point for TV or TV content, premium video content, we can measure it. We have a holistic means to measure the impact across all these different channels and then add it up.”