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3 Consumer Trends From Pernod Ricard

By Patrick Roman Gut, SVP, Head of Advertiser / Agency Sales, NCSolutions

I recently had the opportunity to virtually sit down with Pernod Ricard’s Andrew Brimer in a fireside chat to talk 2021 predictions with Brand Innovators Live. With his team’s focus on building relationships with on-premise operators and hospitality groups, Andrew has felt the weight of 2020 hard. But his team has been working diligently to meet consumers where they are and to plan for what’s to come in 2021. Below are three trends that struck me from our discussion.

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant shift in CPG purchasing habits in 2020 — not just in how much consumers spent, but on what: 47% of Americans indicated they tried new brands and categories since the pandemic began. #brandloyalty #brandtrial

As consumers hunkered down at home during most of last year, their spending on consumer packaged goods grew an average of 19% in 2020 compared to 2019 #cpg #grocerytrends ncsolutions photo