Holiday…It Would Be So Nice

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By NCS Marketing

This fall and winter holiday season, shopping is going to look different. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a widespread impact on what shopping looks like (across all categories) and retailers are expecting that to continue into the holiday shopping season. Big-box retailers like Target and Walmart are eschewing a typical Black Friday push in favor of longer sales available across channels, and expecting an increase in items that fit the current lifestyle (exercise equipment and apparel, for example). Continue reading “Holiday…It Would Be So Nice”

What I Learned from OREO’s Brand Senior Director

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By Patrick Roman Gut, Vice President, Head of Advertiser / Agency Sales, NCSolutions

I had the chance to sit down (virtually) with OREO’s head of brand strategy, Justin Parnell, at Brand Innovators’ E-Commerce, CPG & Retail Live Summit. The Oreo team has been up to some pretty impressive activation these past few months, and there are lessons for everyone in the way they’ve quickly pivoted to connect with consumers during an uncertain time. Check out the recording below to catch our full discussion.

Don’t have time to watch the video? Below are three things that struck me from our discussion. Continue reading “What I Learned from OREO’s Brand Senior Director”

Thanks to COVID-19, Sunday is No Longer the Number One Grocery Shopping Day

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By Steve Tramposch, VP Client Consulting, NCSolutions

For years, Sunday has been the king of all grocery shopping days: the day when Americans prepared for the week ahead, made the highest number of trips to the store and spent the most. On a typical week, Saturday was the second choice for shopping days, while Friday was the third. The other days of the week were a mixed bag, but always lower than average.

Thursday and Friday, then, was always prime time for CPG advertisers. It was an opportunity to get in front of likely shoppers right before they were expected to make a purchase, especially consumers nearing the end of their purchase cycle.

Enter COVID-19.

Continue reading “Thanks to COVID-19, Sunday is No Longer the Number One Grocery Shopping Day”

3 Things Every Advertiser Should Know About Gen Z’s Influence

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By Ritesh Sethi, Sr. Director, Business Development, NCSolutions

We recently released the results of a study we conducted at NCSolutions in partnership with Snap Inc. to better understand the influence of Generation Z on household purchases. While I always knew this younger generation played a role in their parents’ purchases, the magnitude of their influence surprised me; Gen Z’s impact on their households’ purchase decisions is so great, they might as well be celebrities.

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