The Incredible Sales Lift Power of a Custom Meta-Study

By Lisa Kerins, VP, Publisher Sales and Business Development, NCSolutions

What’s the most effective way to drive success for your platform’s advertisers? On the surface, the answer seems straightforward: Provide sound advice and best practices backed by solid insights to improve the advertiser’s ability to drive sales and achieve their goals. 

After thousands of campaigns, publishers have insider information about what strategies and tactics are most likely to improve the effectiveness of advertising on their platforms. The challenge is that every advertiser’s situation is unique, and generic blanket recommendations won’t suffice. Brand A, for example, might have a goal to increase sales lift among New Buyers. Brand B might be focused on improving return on advertising spend (ROAS). Product, category, creative and target audience are only a few of the variables. Strategies and tactics have to be customized to each situation for campaigns to deliver the right results. Continue reading “The Incredible Sales Lift Power of a Custom Meta-Study”

At Home With Tom: Making the Best of Your TV Budget for the Rest of the Year

By NCS Marketing

Sports are coming back to TV. It’s an election year. Many brands that went dark in March are returning to the air. It’s shaping up to be a competitive couple of quarters for TV advertisers. What’s a brand to do, with sales goals to meet in a short period of time?

For advice on this topic, we sat down with Tom Eaton, our SVP of TV and Programmatic Solutions. Other than growing a quarantine beard, building a garden bed and cooking for his family (you might think he was a Millennial), Tom has spent a lot of time talking with the big players in TV and streaming to discern what opportunities are available for CPG brands in the second half of the year.  Continue reading “At Home With Tom: Making the Best of Your TV Budget for the Rest of the Year”

Red, White & Food

Although the fourth of July looked different in many ways this year, two things remained true: Americans like to celebrate the holiday with fireworks and food. 

While consumer fireworks sales more than doubled, food shopping looked very similar to how it looked in 2019. It’s those traditions – like that of a grilled hot dog with ketchup on Independence Day – that Americans are clinging too in a time of great uncertainty. 

With ongoing health and safety concerns related to COVID-19 causing folks to limit social and public interactions, purchases did increase slightly this year over the previous. Pie, which practically shouts “America!” remained a popular choice for the holiday. Both filling and pre-made crusts have seen disproportionately high sales figures for the past several months.  Continue reading “Red, White & Food”

The CPG Loyalty Compass: Brand Loyalty Insights to Plan for What’s Next

By NCS Marketing

At the start of the pandemic, we had a lot of questions—as did our clients—on how to advertise during these uncharted times. So we embarked on a research study to understand how sales for 50 CPG brands were impacted by the changed economy, and the role that brand loyalty played in these shifts. We presented our findings in a webinar with Adweek on brand loyalty in an age of COVID-19. 

Now that we’re nearly halfway through summer, a few things have changed. Continue reading “The CPG Loyalty Compass: Brand Loyalty Insights to Plan for What’s Next”

At Home With Lance: Advertising for the Now and the Next

At Home with Lance Header

By NCS Marketing

As we enter our fourth month of the pandemic, it’s still unchartered waters for advertisers. Should you continue to advertise? How can you best reach your consumers as their purchase behaviors shift? How is measurement changing? 

To provide some guidance on these questions, we sat down [virtually] with Lance Brothers, NCS’ Chief Revenue Officer. For Lance, the pandemic has meant less time on the road, more time with family, and more cocktails and home-smoked ribs. While he misses time spent with clients in real life, Lance is working alongside some of CPG’s top advertisers to help them increase their share of voice and adapt for what’s next. He shares some advice for brands on how to reach the right buyers and measure those outcomes, to understand what’s happening now to prepare yourself for what might happen tomorrow.  Continue reading “At Home With Lance: Advertising for the Now and the Next”

Brand Loyalty Encore: Seasonality, Pantry Loading, and How to Leverage Loyalty

By Lance Brothers, Chief Revenue Officer, NCSolutions

A few weeks back, NCS presented in a webinar with Adweek, where we shared our research on brand loyalty. Bottom line: while it’s unsure what the future may hold, it’s clear that the brands that continue to efficiently reach and connect with consumers are the brands most likely to succeed during this crisis — and beyond. Continue reading “Brand Loyalty Encore: Seasonality, Pantry Loading, and How to Leverage Loyalty”

How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Reach‌ ‌Hairspray‌ ‌Buyers‌ ‌with‌ ‌Crime‌ ‌Shows‌ ‌on‌ ‌Linear‌ ‌TV‌

By Peter Topol, VP, Advanced TV Partnerships

Significant reach, premium content, and quality storytelling with top talent make linear television a primary means for brands to speak to their customers. That’s why each upfront, advertisers are faced with the same critical decision:

Which programming should I buy to reach my intended audience?

Traditionally, advertisers have purchased linear TV based on the age and gender of the viewer watching. Given the high reach, surely this must be the most efficient way to reach target customers, right?

Continue reading “How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Reach‌ ‌Hairspray‌ ‌Buyers‌ ‌with‌ ‌Crime‌ ‌Shows‌ ‌on‌ ‌Linear‌ ‌TV‌”

At Home With Carl: Why Target Today

By NCS Marketing

As the world responds to lifestyle changes resulting from COVID-19, brand advertisers are operating without a playbook. There’s no precedent for advertising in today’s environment, and questions abound. Should I cut spending in the face of stock-outs and consumer uncertainty? Do I need completely different creative to be sensitive to the environment? How should I adjust my targeting strategy based on changed consumer behavior?

Continue reading “At Home With Carl: Why Target Today”

5 Trends on Consumer Behavior in the Quarantine Economy: Why Brands and Advertising Matter More Now Than Ever

By NCS Marketing

Our findings in a new study about consumer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic show that in times of crisis, consumers flock to brands they know and trust.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a period of unprecedented economic uncertainty — record unemployment, an overall decrease in consumer spending, and no answers about when things might get back to normal.

Things have been relatively fine for the CPG industry through this, as lockdown orders triggered a historic spending spree, with consumers rushing to grocery and drug stores to buy CPG items in enormous quantities.

Still, many marketers are understandably wary about what the future may hold for their businesses.

And our new research confirms that, even despite all the upheaval, two things remain true: Brands still matter, and consumers still respond to well-targeted, creatively compelling advertising. Continue reading “5 Trends on Consumer Behavior in the Quarantine Economy: Why Brands and Advertising Matter More Now Than Ever”

At Home with Jeff and Leslie

By NCS Marketing

During week eight of home confinement, it’s no surprise that consumer behavior throughout the U.S. has radically changed. Especially at the grocery store – one of the few places that’s remained open, regardless of how strict state regulations have been. 

Not only are consumers spending more (time and money) at the grocery store and cooking more at home, they’re also trying new products that, perhaps, they haven’t purchased before. Whether because of supply chain issues or in search for variety, consumers are picking up new habits. 

NCS executives are no exception. 

This week, we talked to Chief Product Enrichment Officer Jeff Doherty and Chief Research Officer Leslie Wood about changed consumer behavior, including their own. Jeff and Leslie also dive into the retail supply chain, talk about how NCS is serving our customers and dig into what this means for brand advertisers. Continue reading “At Home with Jeff and Leslie”