SVP of Marketing

As SVP of Marketing, Deirdre McFarland leads marketing strategy, demand generation, product marketing, thought leadership and communications for NCSolutions (NCS), the market leader for CPG advertisers.

An innovative, ROI-centric executive with proven expertise in revenue-generating marketing programs, Deirdre leads a team of professionals dedicated to connecting brands with the solutions they need to unleash the possibilities of advertising. 

 As a marketing executive and strategic advisor to clients in advertising, media and adtech, she helps brands achieve substantial improvement in brand engagement, market share growth and revenue capture.  Throughout her career she has worked with a variety of B2B and B2C companies including the marketing teams at Nielsen. There, she achieved exceptional results by piloting and scaling an outbound customer acquisition and sales pipeline growth program. She also directed marketing at Scarborough, creating and executing a strategic vision that was instrumental to the company’s transformation and growth.

She lives in Westchester, NY, with her husband, daughters and her boisterous dog, where her after-work time is spent on practice fields and courts enjoying her kids. When she’s not reading or on a spin bike, she’s lovingly restoring her almost 100 year old home.