Viewability: A Purchase-Based Approach (Infographic)

There are some ideas in life that are so logical, it would be extremely difficult –nearly impossible, really – to refute their validity. For example, if you pay for someone to cut your grass on a weekly basis, you have every reasonable expectation that the job will get done for the agreed upon price. This is the basic premise of commerce: people barter for goods and services and then exchange them for a “fair” price as determined by our free market economy in the good old U S of A.

The digital advertising industry, however, seems to have managed to complicate our premise of commerce slightly. The hottest buzzword in the digital ecosystem right now is viewability, which refers to whether or not a paid advertisement (an message that someone pays to have shown to people) is actually being seen by the totality of the audience a publisher is purporting to have shown the ad to.

To fully grasp the absurdity of this issue, let’s return to our grass cutting analogy. What if you found out that your local grass cutting service wasn’t actually cutting your grass, but instead was taking your agreed upon fee, and only cutting a section of your lawn, or not showing up at all? Certainly this type of business practice would not stand.

When it comes to the vast amounts of inventory that make up the advertising opportunities on the internet, noticing that ads aren’t viewable is not as straight forward as noticing that your grass is now knee-high. Let’s break it down in this infographic, wherein we made the robots as cute as possible to keep the peace in the adtech sector. Enjoy:

Viewability And PBT