TV Ad Testing Saves Crucial Dollars

Considering that millions of dollars are invested in national television campaigns, understanding effective campaign elements is crucial to maximizing precious ad dollars. Thanks to a partnership between NCS and Charter Media, advertisers can now isolate sales driven by specific elements of a campaign in certain markets prior to the more costly rollout of a national campaign, representing a major breakthrough in the way television advertising is evaluated.

NCS Single-Source TV Ad Testing is the most cost-effective way of testing creative, length or weight of an ad, prior to launching a full campaign.

How does it work?

Leveraging the single-source overlap of Charter Media viewership and NCS’ purchase behavior geographical footprint, NCS develops a split-market test design across distinct DMA markets. Charter executes the test campaign, and NCS evaluates the impact on consumer purchasing by comparing the purchase behavior of those exposed to varying campaign elements.

TV Advertisers ultimately benefit from:

  • Cost-effective testing of creative, format, and audience

  • Ability to understand response to advertising using actual retail sales data

  • Activate campaigns using elements that drive the greatest consumer response

The result is deeper understanding of how to optimize specific elements of a TV campaign before committing to a national rollout. Marketers can now pinpoint which creative, format, or audience is most effective in driving real sales – insights that can be utilized to leverage better campaigns in the future.