A Fresh Take on the Frozen Aisle: Catalina and 4INFO Drive Strong Return for Frozen Entrée Brand

The frozen foods category has faced some challenges when trying to appeal to more new-age health conscious consumers. Rather than be written off as the innutritious, uninventive option for a snack or dinner, frozen-food brand marketers are striking back with creative campaigns to reposition themselves as another version of the fresh food that many consumers are after.

There is evidence that these marketing campaigns are working. Recently, a premium frozen entrée brand saw their product fly out of the frozen food aisle and in to the iceboxes of their target audience at an impressive rate, on the heels of a very successful mobile ad campaign run on Catalina BuyerVision powered by 4INFO.

The goal of the campaign was to drive conversions among previous purchasers of frozen single-serve entrée products. Over the course of the 7-week campaign, the brand realized an impressive $6 sales return for every $1 spent on the mobile campaign.

In addition to proving the offline sales lift driven by the campaign, NCS’ Sales Effect measurement study yielded other key findings for the brands. For example, the campaign was most effective in driving conversions of users who have a Female Head of Household aged 45-54, HH’s with children aged 12-17, Male Head of Households aged 45-54, and households with income > $100k.

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