Rocket Fuel and NCS Collaborate with In-Flight

Rocket Fuel and Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) have joined forces to optimize programmatic CPG campaigns using NCS’ In-Flight Optimization capabilities.  Rocket Fuel’s unique advertising solutions coupled with NCS’ In-Flight Optimizer affords digital marketers the ability to gauge the effectiveness of their programmatic ad campaigns in driving retail sales by monitoring the campaign and making adjustments while the ads are running.  Weekly results are delivered to the advertiser, allowing the opportunity to reallocate impressions based on the success of a particular campaign element – be it ad placement, segmentation strategy, creative, etc.

With the In-Flight Optimizer, advertisers no longer need to wait until the campaign is finished to determine what worked best.  This collaboration between Rocket Fuel and NCS will help CPG advertisers maximize their return on ad spend potential for campaigns by spending ad dollars against campaign elements that are most effective in driving sales. Contact Rocket Fuel or NCS today to find out how In-Flight will help you optimize your programmatic ad campaigns.

See the full press release here.