Nielsen Catalina Solutions’ mission is helping advertisers and media companies measure and improve advertising performance by understanding the interactions between what consumers watch and what they buy. We are equally committed to protecting the privacy of individual consumers, our clients, retailers, partners and the vendors who help us deliver our solutions. To honor this commitment we have deployed a multi-faceted approach consisting of privacy-centric Data Input Requirements, Data Access Restrictions, Product Design Policies, & Code of Conduct.

Data Input Requirements

  • Most notably, we simply do not allow any personally identifiable information (PII) inside NC Solutions, period. Our Data Input Requirements are designed to protect the identity of the households contained within the “watch” and “buy” behavioral data provided by our data contributors including that provided by Nielsen. To accomplish this, we employ a trusted third-party matching agent to create all the watch and buy single source linkages that enable our solutions.  Data contributors like Nielsen and retailers send our matching agent (and not NC Solutions) their internal ids, names and address information. Our matching agent subsequently creates a household cross-reference file linking all the participants’ watch and buy household ids. This cross-referenced file, along with an associated household id created exclusively for NC Solutions, is then provided to NC Solutions. Once successfully processed, the matching agent subsequently destroys all PII unless otherwise notified by the participant.
  • All data contributors must have legal warrants ensuring that their data rights are valid and consumer opt-out commitments have been met, consistent with the data contributor’s own privacy policies. Consumers who have opted out of having their information shared with third parties for market research or solicitation purposes are not included.
  • Our matching agent is a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting, and adheres to the highest levels of security practices including Level 1 PCI compliance and ISO 27001 certification. In addition, NC Solutions developed its processes consistent with the concepts of “Privacy by Design” and data minimization. NC Solutions and our data contributors use a variety of security technologies and procedures to protect contributors’ and consumers’ information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.
  • All contributors’ behavioral data input structures provided to NC Solutions are reviewed to minimize unintended receipt of identifiable data, or “sensitive” information. Where necessary, precautionary processes deemed are implemented to enforce our privacy commitment. For example, Catalina Marketing on the retailer’s behalf irreversibly encrypts all shopper ids found in the retailer transaction data that are not known to be retailer approved shopper ids (e.g., frequent shopper card number). This mechanism is designed to keep unintended shopper identifications from entering NC Solutions (e.g. phone number, masked credit card numbers, etc.)

Data Access Restrictions

  • NC Solutions technologies and processes are designed to provide data access only where necessary and employs “data minimization” strategies with clients and data contributors whenever possible, including no “catch all” fields allowed.  Multiple data access security layers are deployed to manage data access through specifically designed services and applications so that only the data authorized and required for the given task is provided.
  • To further reduce the ability for modeled behavioral data to be subsequently re-linked to other potentially identifiable data sources, NC Solutions does not include any household identifiers in its respondent-level data exports. The only exception is when data is sent back to the originating owner of the HH id. NC Solutions can share shopper-specific insights identified with the individual retailer’s shopper card number to that given retailer, but not to any other retailer or client regardless of the fact that the data are modeled.
  • While the security of data can never be guaranteed, all data are protected with industry-standard encryption technology, security protocols and other physical and procedural safeguards.

Product Design Policies

  • NC Solutions’ offerings are designed with privacy in mind.  All non-modeled insights are provided to clients in aggregate form and include policies, procedures and/or software verification to monitor the granularity each aggregate insight created. The minimum number of respondents in any given aggregate varies depending on the analysis, but in no cases do they contain fewer than 25 households. In addition, there is no geo-coding more granular than the block group level.
  • Where NC Solutions requires respondent-level data to be shared externally, the behavioral data are always modeled and does not necessarily reflect actual consumer behavior. NC Solutions does not provide actual respondent-level behavior data to clients unless the contributor that provided the behavioral data to NC Solutions authorizes it.

Code of Conduct

  • All clients, partners and employees working with NC Solutions must support our commitment to honor consumer privacy, partner confidentially and Nielsen panelist integrity.
  • Data contributors that submit data to NC Solutions’ anonymous single source database must agree to honor consumer requests to be excluded from having their information shared with third parties for market research or solicitation purposes. This also includes any opt-out requests known to be made via industry associations, government agencies or data aggregators.
  • All NC Solutions employees have been trained and have formally agreed to NC Solutions’ Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreements that, among other things, outline how to keep partner and consumer data respected and secure. Consultants and vendors used by NC Solutions must also agree to comply with NC Solutions’ confidentiality and privacy policies.


Effective Date: September 15, 2010

This privacy notice covers the collection and use of information for this website,  (“this website” or “we”). This website is owned by Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and operated by The Nielsen Company.

About Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Nielsen Catalina Solutions is committed to helping consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers and media companies measure and improve advertising performance by precisely linking what consumers watch and what they buy.

The Nielsen Company and Catalina established Nielsen Catalina Solutions as a joint venture enabling the advertising industry to match the right audience with the right media and measure the resulting sales impact with marketing performance analytics. The joint venture integrates data from Nielsen’s industry-leading media and household purchase panels and Catalina’s shopper data warehouse incorporating a subset of over 60 million households. This single-source view provides visibility into how TV, online, mobile and print advertising influence purchase behavior. Nielsen Catalina Solutions is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

What information we collect and how we use it

We ask those interested in obtaining more information about Nielsen Catalina Solution’s products and services to provide their names, email addresses, name of their company or website, telephone number and industry. Clients may gain access to their information through this site and may use a password or other means of authentication to do so. We do not sell this information to or share it with third parties, except as described below. We use your contact information to fulfill your request or respond to your inquiry, and may alert you to Nielsen Catalina Solutions reports, studies, Webinars or publications on related topics in which we think you may be interested. The emails that we send contain links that enable you to “unsubscribe” from future such mailings.

We ask those that seek a career at Nielsen Catalina Solutions to complete an application and provide related information found on If you are interested in a career with us, please review our “Job Search Privacy Statement.” While it is consistent with this Notice, it contains additional information specifically for job applicants.

Cookies and Web beacons

To keep track of your choice of language and home page preference, we place a cookie on your computer. A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier, sent to your browser from a website’s computers and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Our “preference” cookie expires after thirty (30) days. We also use a small piece of code (sometimes referred to as “1×1 clear pixel,” “Web beacon” or “clear GIF”) placed in the pages of our website to help us gather additional information about which parts of the site receive the most visitors and other user traffic patterns, and enable us to administer the site. We also use cookies to understand your Internet usage, including other websites that you visit and, occasionally, your exposure to certain Internet advertisements as you surf the Web. To opt out of this explicitly, please click here.

No personally identifiable information is contained in our cookies or transmitted through our Web beacons.

You can set your browser to reject most cookies by following the browser help file directions. However, if your browser is set to reject cookies or you delete cookies, you may not be able to use some features of certain websites. You can also delete individual cookies or all cookies on your computer by following the browser help file directions.

How Nielsen Catalina Solutions Responds to Do Not Track Signals

Nielsen Catalina Solutions parent, Nielsen, is participating in the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) process to develop a robust Do Not Track (DNT) standard. At this time, however, the definitions and meanings of DNT signals and responses, and the correct behavior regarding DNT signals, are not defined. Until such time as the standard is finalized, Nielsen Catalina solutions does not assign any meaning to potential DNT signals.

When we may disclose your information to others

From time to time, and notwithstanding any other provision of this Notice, we may partner with unaffiliated companies or individuals for market research product development or similar purposes. These companies or individuals may be provided with access to personally identifiable information, but we will require by contract that they agree to maintain the confidentiality, security and integrity of such information. We also may subcontract with other companies and individuals to do work on our behalf; they may be provided with access to personally identifiable information, but only as needed to perform their functions. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Notice, we may disclose personally identifiable information to any third party when disclosure is required by law, or desirable to permit us to exercise or preserve our legal rights or take action regarding potentially illegal activities or to protect the safety of any person. In the event that Nielsen Catalina Solutions is acquired by or merged with a third party entity, or in the unlikely event of our bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, receivership, or assignment for the benefit of creditors, we reserve the right, in any of these circumstances, to transfer or assign the information we have collected as part of such merger, acquisition, sale, or other change of control.


This site is not directed at children under the age of 13 and does not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. If a parent or guardian believes that this site has collected the personally identifiable information of a child under the age of 13, please contact and we will use our best efforts to remove the information from our records.

You may contact us if at any time you would like to see the personally identifiable information we hold about you, or to ask us to correct or update this information, or to ask us to delete it.

Data storage, transfers and security

We may store the personal details we hold about you for as long as needed. We may store this information in the United States or we may transfer it to any other country. The data protection laws in countries to which personal data are transferred may or may not provide a level of protection equivalent to the laws in your home country. Wherever we hold the data, we will apply the terms of this Notice and any applicable data protection law. We maintain certain procedures to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of personally identifiable information while it is controlled by us. However, the storage and communication of personal data cannot always be completely secure. Also, we cannot and do not guarantee that data transferred to third parties in accordance with this Notice will be protected against intentional or accidental misuse or loss.

Please contact us if you have questions or wish to take any action with respect to information to which this Notice applies. You can reach us by sending an email to

We may change this Notice and our data collection and management practices.

We reserve the right to update and make material and non-material changes to this Notice and to our practices in collecting and handling personally identifiable information. If we make material changes, we will notify you by email prior to their implementation and let you decide if you want the material changes to apply to your personally identifiable information. We will also post a prominent notice at this website and indicate at the top of this statement when it was most recently updated.

Client Contact

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813.366.7835 (office)
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