Pandora & Pop Tarts Groove to the Tune of 3X+ ROAS

Campaign Goal:  Increase sales of Pop Tarts by delivering relevant content to teenagers of a household so they consider Pop Tarts as a breakfast option.

Campaign Result:  Pop Tarts saw a 7% lift in incremental sales and a whopping 3X+ return on advertising spend. Yes, that’s right, 3X+ ROAS.

And now you’re wondering how’d they do that?

Pandora ran this campaign across multiple device types (tablet, mobile, and desktop to be specific).   Pandora’s unique ability to deliver on demographic segments and lifestyle preferences for every individual login allowed NCS to measure the total sales of the household and the incremental sales specifically related to Pandora’s delivery, in addition to what the household would typically spend.

Which device performed the best?

Cross-device measurement showed that households only exposed to the ad on mobile devices contributed to 70% of the total incremental impact.

poptarts graphic

How impressive are these results though?

Not only did Pop Tarts see amazing incremental lifts and ROAS, they also outperformed the average benchmarks when compared to similar campaigns.


Want to know more?

Download the full case study here.