Optimize CPG campaigns with NCS’ In-Flight Optimization

When measuring digital CPG campaigns, it is best to use actual, incremental in-store sales as the main key performance indicator. The same is true for optimizing campaigns while they are still live and running. NCS’ innovative In-Flight optimization solution allows for just that.

While NCS’ Sales Effect measurement product allows marketers and their agencies to understand robust insights about the in-store sales driven by a campaign after it has run, In-Flight optimization produces insights about which elements of a campaign (such as creative, publisher, or ad placement) are driving the most incremental conversions during a campaign.

For example, if a household product brand is running a campaign for a new line of hand soaps that includes the use of three separate creatives, NCS’ In-Flight Optimization tool allows for understanding which creatives are driving more in-store sales. This is not limited to just creative; the same read may be done for any taggable element of the campaign in order to understand what is working best while the campaign is still running.

In-Flight optimization allows media agencies, advertisers and publishers to make data-driven adjustments to leverage their highest performing campaign elements while the campaign is still running. Combining In-Flight optimization with full Sales Effect measurement allows for unprecedented insight into campaign performance, both during and after the life of a campaign.

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