Nielsen Catalina Solutions Launches AdVantics On Demand for TV

CINCINNATI (May 13, 2013) – Nielsen Catalina Solutions launches its signature single source software offering,AdVantics on Demand™, which will enable consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers, their agencies, and media companies to better match advertising with desired “buyer-rich” audiences based on actual retail purchase data.

The AdVantics™ suite of services embodies the Nielsen Catalina Solutions “Define Once, Activate Everywhere™” continuous media optimization approach, including the newly launched software, AdVantics on Demand, CPG Buyer Segments, and custom analytics.  This enables buyer-based segment definition and Sales Effect retail sales lift measurement for nearly all media touch points.

CPG marketers using Nielsen Catalina Solutions’ AdVantics suite of services for media activation have increased efficiency by an average of 10% and driven incremental advertising effectiveness, with up to 30% in additional sales lift among households exposed to the TV advertising, versus traditional buys.

Approximately 15 product categories representing 60 brands, including CPG manufacturers Kraft, Kellogg’s, and Johnsonville Sausages, and media agencies Zenith, Compass Point Media and others, will use AdVantics On Demand for the 2013/14 Upfronts.  In addition, over 10 networks are using Nielsen Catalina Solutions CPG Buyer Segments – which can be accessed in AdVantics On Demand, Nielsen’s NPower, or in other 3rd party solution provider software.

Initially covering national TV media, AdVantics On Demand is a web-based platform that enables media decision makers to determine which media vehicles best deliver buyer-based audience segments, including television networks, dayparts, genres and programs. In addition, AdVantics On Demand provides “buyergraphic” post-buy analyses, reach and frequencies and can be integrated with most third-party planning, buying and housekeeping systems.

“The new NCS AdVantics process provides marketers with a single-source solution for the optimal planning and execution of their television campaigns,” said David F. Poltrack, Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation and President, CBS Vision. “With this new analytical toolkit they can select audiences based on actual product consumption; select the schedule that offers the best delivery of their target market; and measure the true ROI of their television campaign. This research tool will allow CBS to work with clients to better harness the full marketing power of the television medium on their behalf.”

“Understanding and leveraging the power of data is key to our LIVE ROI! approach and is crucial to how we infuse our media process with intelligence and drive greater ROI for our clients,” said John Nitti, President Activation, Zenith.  “The ability to leverage 3rd party data partners such as Nielsen Catalina Solutions across platforms to provide consistent buyer definitions and sales impact metrics is a key component of Zenith’s activation solutions.”

From nearly 60 million frequent shopper data households and 2.7 million TV viewing households, AdVantics On Demand accesses the largest single source database of shopper data and television viewing in the U.S.  With approximately 664,000 anonymous U.S. households, it is the only single source data that incorporates the Nielsen People Meter panel data used by the industry for national TV advertising transactions, and Nielsen Set Meter panels, plus Cable Set Top Box tuning data, providing both panel-based national projectability and “census” data scale for deep, granular analyses.

This complements Nielsen Catalina Solutions’ current offerings including buyer-based audience segments for online, mobile, print and CRM, as well as campaign sales lift measurement.

Nielsen Catalina Solutions is the leading provider of single source data and services for improving advertising performance for CPG marketers and media companies on all media platforms. The joint venture between Nielsen and Catalina has provided purchaser behavior-based analytics, including offerings such as Sales Effect.  Nielsen Catalina Solutions has worked with approximately 150 clients, 50 agencies and 40 media companies to deliver over 1,400 studies since its start-up in 2010.

“This year’s TV Upfront market will be the tipping point for the buyer-based media activation approach being embraced by our CPG and TV network clients,” said Nielsen Catalina Solutions CEO Mike Nazzaro.  “It’s fitting that the launch of AdVantics on Demand coincides with the 2013-14 Television Upfront and our announcement of key client agreements.”

About Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Nielsen Catalina Solutions helps consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers and media companies measure and improve advertising performance by precisely linking what consumers watch and what they buy.

Nielsen and Catalina established Nielsen Catalina Solutions as a joint venture enabling the advertising industry to improve the delivery of advertising to the most responsive audiences, and measure the resulting sales impact using advertising performance analytics. The joint venture integrates data from Nielsen’s industry-leading media and household purchase panels and approximately 60 million shopper households from Catalina’s shopper data warehouse. This single source view provides the retail sales impact of TV, online, mobile, CRM, radio and print advertising.  Nielsen Catalina Solutions is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.