The Most CPG Buyer Segments Under One Roof

As the industry leader in purchase-based segmentation, Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) has over 2,500 category and brand CPG buyer segments – more than any other data provider in the world. With server-level integration with top retailers nationwide, NCS’ data is detailed and fresh.

This breadth of data allows CPG advertisers to plan media against segments comprising any buyer definition imaginable. The benefit of using purchase data for planning CPG media is powerful: Advertisers can target households that are relevant to their brand or category as demonstrated by their past purchase behavior. Since past purchase behavior is the strongest indicator of response to advertising, the ability to identify audiences based on their in-store purchases is invaluable.

In addition to the 2,500+ brand and category segments (i.e. buyers of carbonated soft drinks, or buyers of the Coca-Cola brand), NCS also has the ability to create any number of tailored buyer segments. For example, if a yogurt brand wishes to deploy media against non-brand loyal yogurt buyers, NCS can identify the best audience based on this buyer definition. Or if a vitamin company wants to target buyers of its competitive set in order to gain market share, NCS data can help identify that audience too. There is virtually no limit to the depth of buyer segments that NCS can offer; if you can say a buyer definition out loud, NCS can identify the audience!