Purchase-Based Personalization: Now In Real Time On Connected TV & OTT

NCS And Innovid Personalization

Cord-cutters. Cord-nevers. The myriad ways in which consumers can get their media fix grows larger every day. Is the linear TV audience slipping through your fingers? Not if you’ve got the right tools in your toolbox.

Innovid has launched a new wrinkle in their leading video marketing platform to deliver real-time personalization and addressability to OTT and connected TV audiences. But what exactly is being personalized and addressed? That’s where NCS comes in.

Innovid’s dynamic customization is powered by NCS’ industry-leading 90MM-household purchase dataset, so CPG brands and their agencies can swap out creative based on each individual consumer’s past purchase behavior in real-time, using AI from the Nielsen Marketing Cloud. Why does purchase behavior matter? It’s the #1 predictor of future behavior when it comes to CPG media.

Purina and GroupM’s Modi Media get it. They’ll be running a campaign to dynamically serve up customized creative, so cat food buyers get cat creative, and dog food buyers get — you guessed it — dog creative. It’s a no-brainer considering just how precisely and effectively you can reach an audience that is, in many ways, incremental to linear TV.

Read the official press release for details, or get in touch with NCS.

NCS & Innovid For OTT