Drink Up These Refreshing Results From Michelle Obama’s Initiative For A Healthier America

Can a health and wellness campaign promoting good ol’ H20 make a splash with today’s sugar-shocked families? That was the million dollar question that Michelle Obama sought to answer with the help of Nielsen Catalina Solutions.

The First Lady and the Partnership For a Healthier America (PHA) launched the “Drink Up” campaign in late 2013 to highlight the benefits of water as a replacement and supplement in Americans’ daily nutrition plans. A noble cause, to be sure… but how do you measure the impact of a campaign aimed at marketing the consumption of water?

To solve for this, the First Lady’s campaign tapped NCS to study the change in bottled water purchase habits over a period of time that directly corresponds to their “Drink Up” campaign. Choosing bottled water sales as a key performance indicator (KPI), the First Lady sought to prove that the careful and strategic marketing of healthy food and drink alternatives could have a positive impact on our society’s healthy eating habits.

So, was Michelle Obama’s theory correct? An incremental lift of $1MM in bottled water sales over the measured timeframe proves that she is right: employing thoughtful and strategic marketing campaigns for healthy choices can impact the way we consume food and drink as a society.  We’ll drink to that, America.

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