Measure Your Radio Campaigns

With the large scale of offline purchase data available to CPG brands to measure media campaigns, radio advertising need no longer be seen as a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ portion of the media plan.  Leveraging NCS’ best-in-class single-source CPG data set, brands can now more clearly understand the effectiveness of their radio advertising, producing insights that would have been thought impossible less than a decade ago.

Measuring radio campaigns with NCS allows brand marketers to understand key insights about the real, in-store sales their campaign has driven, including:

  • Response by demographic

  • Sales driven by day-part

  • Which radio format or genre yielded greatest results

  • Which element of the sales calculation drove the most results (increased penetration, trips, or basket size)

Armed with a deep understanding of what elements of your campaign worked (or didn’t work), you will be in a great position to leverage these insights on your next radio buy.