Juice Company Leverages NCS to Measure Retail Sales Response to Media Heavy-Up Campaign

A leading juice brand utilized NCS’ TV Sales Effect product to understand actual retail sales driven by their previously executed TV Heavy-Up campaign to inform planning for campaigns that will run in the second half of the year.

The study was designed to compare several groups of households exposed to the TV commercial ad at varying frequencies. The study determined that the households exposed at a frequency of greater than 5 times (the heavy-up group) yielded a 21% overall increase in incremental sales. Interestingly, households exposed to the ad 9-12 times contributed 69% of the incremental retail sales lift.  This insight into advertising exposure helped the brand determine the optimum frequency for future TV campaigns to maximize incremental retail sales.

To see more details on this campaign, you can read the entire case study.  For more information on how NCS’ purchase-based measurement can inform your next campaign, please contact us.