Heartland Mobile and Brands+Startups™ 2015 Mobile Marketing Mixer

Catch up on the latest in mobile from industry innovators and startups at the Brands+Startups™ 2015 Mobile Marketing Mixer in Chicago featuring an evening of open learning focused on Mobile Marketing and Advertising. Hear from NCS’s own Adam Paulisick, SVP Marketing and Channel Strategy, Kyle Becco, Opera MediaWorks’ Mobile Advertising Evangelist, Barret Roberts, Pandora’s Head of Industry for CPG and Erik Severinghaus, Founder and CEO, SimpleRelevance; network with marketers interested in new and unique ways to tap into mobile. Throughout the evening, you will learn:

  • How mobile advertising’s plumbing works to connect impressions to devices, households and purchases
  • Scope and application of big data
  • How to measure media campaigns
  • Mobile differentiation

Mingle with your fellow mobile advertisers and learn the latest on new ideas in the mobile space offered by startups in a sales-free environment.

Click here for more information on the mobile conference and to register for this FREE event.  #BrandsStartups #MobiU2015