Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel Increase Their 2013/2014 Upfront Marketplace Value Proposition with CPG Buyer Segment Data by Nielsen Catalina Solutions

CINCINNATI and STUDIO CITY, CA (May 02, 2013) – Nielsen Catalina Solutions announced today that Crown Media Family Networks, home of Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel, is acquiring a license to the analytical data needed to put its consumer packaged goods advertising in front of the most “buyer-­‐rich” audiences based on actual retail purchases.

Today’s agreement specifically enables Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel to become two of the first cable networks to take advantage of Nielsen Catalina Solutions’ CPG Buyer Segments, a syndicated offering that provides purchaser-­‐based segments on over 2,300 categories and brands.

Hallmark will use the new capability, CPG Buyer Segments, in the 2013/14 upfront television negotiations to improve the fit of its television inventory to advertisers’ purchaser-­‐defined segments based goals. The analytics will enable the family friendly network the capability to improve CPG advertisers’ returns on their ad spends by selecting programs that have audiences with a higher composition of purchasers.

“Nielsen Catalina Solutions’ data enables us to demonstrate a strong ROI to CPG marketers who invest in Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel,” said Ed Georger, executive vice president, advertising sales, Crown Media Family Networks and general manager, Hallmark Movie Channel.

“As a complement to traditional Nielsen ratings, our collaboration with Nielsen Catalina Solutions will provide a direct measurement of product usage, greatly enhancing our brand’s value proposition in the marketplace,” Georger said.

Nielsen Catalina Solutions is the leading provider of single-­‐source analytics that measure and improve advertising performance for CPG marketers and media companies on all media platforms.

CPG marketers using Nielsen Catalina Solutions single-­‐source services for TV activation have increased media efficiency an average of 10% and driven incremental advertising effectiveness, with up to 30% in additional sales lift among households exposed to the TV advertising, versus traditional buys.

For example, Hallmark Channel audience composition for the following category and brand buyers indexed more than 50% above the percentage of these buyers in the general household population:


The CPG Buyer Segments can be accessed via Nielsen NPOWER, through the newly launched AdVantics On Demand™ software from Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and third-­‐party software tools. NPOWER is a web-­‐based research tool accessible from the Nielsen Answers portal, offering limitless opportunities for detailed analysis of television audience information.

CPG Buyer Segments leverage the largest single-­‐source database of shopper data for television of approximately 664,000 anonymous U.S. households. It is the only single-­‐source analytics that leverages Nielsen People Meter and Set Meter panels plus Cable Set Top Box tuning data, providing both panel-­‐based national representivity and “census” data scale for deep, granular analyses.

“We’re confident that by using CPG Buyer Segments in the 2013/14 Television Upfront, Hallmark Channel CPG marketers will be able to place their advertising in front of the most responsive consumers and see incremental sales lifts as a result,” said Mike Nazzaro, chief executive officer of Nielsen Catalina Solutions.

About Nielsen Catalina Solutions
Nielsen Catalina Solutions is committed to helping consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers and media companies measure and improve advertising performance by precisely linking what consumers watch and what they buy.

Nielsen and Catalina established Nielsen Catalina Solutions as a joint venture enabling the
advertising industry to improve the delivery of advertising to the most responsive audiences, and measure the resulting sales impact with advertising performance analytics. The joint venture integrates data from Nielsen’s industry-­‐leading media and household purchase panels and approximately 60 million shopper households from participating retailers from Catalina’s shopper data warehouse. This single-­‐source view provides the retail sales impact of TV, online, mobile, CRM, radio and print advertising. Nielsen Catalina Solutions is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.