When it Comes to Evaluating Digital CPG Campaigns, Cash is King

When was the last time you actually clicked on a banner ad?

If you’re the majority, maybe you’ve clicked on an advertisement that offered an immediate, direct value to you, such as a coupon. Otherwise, you’ve likely deposited most digital ads somewhere in the subliminal back reaches of your mind.

This does not mean, however, that all of those non-direct (i.e. non-coupon) campaigns you’ve seen don’t have at least some effect on you when you’re at the store on a hot day trying to decide what beverage you’d like to buy.

This is why traditional advertising measurements that rely on actions such as clicks in their evaluation of campaign success fall short for CPG brands; there is virtually no relationship between click-through rates and in-store sales driven by media campaigns.

Evaluating the impact of a digital CPG campaign in terms of real, in-store sales generated among those who’ve seen the ad is a far more reliable and relevant metric for campaign success. For more measurement insights, read the rest of our case study “From Clicks to Cashiers”.