Commingled Data: The most holistic view of brand buyers across all outlets

For marketers seeking to find their most relevant audiences, analyzing purchase behavior across all outlets is critical in providing the most precise view of the consumer landscape.  This ‘commingled’ view of consumers comes closest to accounting for the entirety of purchases across all outlets and serves as a vital differentiating factor among data providers. Commingled data provides the most holistic view of CPG consumer behavior.

NCS is the only data solutions company with the ability to commingle consumer packaged goods UPC-level data across all outlets, including mass, drug, grocery and club.

Why is commingled data important?

CPG purchases are largely made at the household level across many different types of retailers, including grocery stores, drug stores and mass retailers. As a result, it’s crucial that advertisers account for the full range of purchase behaviors across all outlets to fully understand consumers’ responsiveness to a campaign.

For example, imagine an advertiser is marketing a widely available over-the-counter cold and allergy treatment (i.e., Claritin).  A mother of a household with three children might make an annual purchase of Claritin at a nearby club retailer, but when she needs an immediate remedy, will turn to a local grocery, mass or drug store to purchase any cold and allergy medicine.

When viewing purchases from only one set of data – say, grocery only -– the buyer definition can become inaccurate, misconstruing the family’s purchase profile of cold and allergy medicine, as purchases from mass or drug stores are unaccounted for.  This creates risk for advertisers that they are reaching the wrong audience, and missing out on potential return on ad spend as a result.

NCS’ commingled data can help marketers more accurately define buyer profiles, leading them down the right path to understanding the responsiveness of their campaigns. With commingled, all-outlet-representative data, purchase behavior for CPG consumers is as complete a picture as possible. 

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