Big Data in Advertising

In recent years, the term “big data” has graduated from an emerging buzzword in high-tech industries to become common business vernacular within companies of every shape and size, but what exactly makes data “big”?

In 2014, the information age has introduced technology to record and process information at incredible speed and scale. That processing power – along with an abundance of data accumulated since the emergence of digital technology – is the foundation on which the concept of big data exists.

Stated plainly: Using big data is simply the ability to collect, process, and (most crucially) make sense of mass amounts of aggregated information. In advertising, the insights gleaned from big data are implemented in order to better inform decision-making around segmentation and measurement of advertising.

Data-driven insights can now guide the actions of savvy businesses.  However, trying to understand big data and its crucial nuances can be a daunting experience. It is critical for brand marketers and agencies to understand both the insight presented by big data, and where that data originates.

For CPG advertisers, the key is putting the pieces together to withdraw the critical insights that will deliver big bucks.

Though at NCS we could brag about our accurate, all-outlet, nationally representative datasets, the prime benefit we are offering is action and reaction— with the objective of driving everyday sales, directly. We don’t offer advertisers numbers without meaning; we deliver insights that in turn allow advertisers to greatly improve upon their campaigns and can present the facts to back it up. Then, rinse and repeat.