“I Buy, Therefore I… Will Buy More” – AdVantics On Demand

With the emergence of big data, marketers and media companies are now able to optimize television media planning and buying by matching television programs with consumers based on actual retail purchase behavior. So, what does this mean for advertisers?

Essentially, advertisers are closer than ever to ensuring that relevant messages reach target consumers. Isolating consumers based on what they buy also means that advertisers can drive sales without increasing ad spend.

This is all done through AdVantics On Demand™, a user friendly, web-based platform with the purpose of helping advertisers choose the best buyer-rich programs, networks, dayparts or genres for TV campaigns.

How does it work?

  1. Define target: Advertisers define the high-potential buyer segments for their campaign, including high, medium and low buyers of CPG brands/categories.
  2. Optimize schedules: Rank programs, networks, dayparts and genres based on selected buyer segments (buyergraphic targets).
  3. Analyze delivery: Examine post buys, including the delivery of brand’s buyer segment, reach and frequency.
  4. Integrate reports: Easily export data and reports to nearly allthird-party systems and Excel.

To learn more about AdVantics On Demand ™, check out this video tutorial:

Advantics On Demand™ from Nielsen Catalina Solutions on Vimeo.