AdVantics On Demand™ Helps Sausage Brand Improve their Media Buy

One of our biggest customers sells sausages and brats … and now that grilling season is here, that’s a lot. Between May and August, those sausages could stretch around the equator 1 ½ times, or more than 37,500 miles.

But how to get those sausages to stretch around the globe twice? Or more?

This well-known brand already puts out a major ad campaign every summer using TV, radio, and digital to get everyone in the mood to grill. And the numbers off those previous efforts have been pretty good.

Yet this customer wants those numbers to get better. So since last year, they have been using our AdVantics On DemandTM product, a web-enabled platform that allows CPG brands and agencies to accurately see how well their TV ads are reaching their buyergraphic targets. (We have nearly 25 companies representing over 200 brands, agencies and networks using the platform already).

The result for our sausage-making friends –effectiveness for their TV media buy improved 8-10 percent last year when measuring traditional users after using AdVantics On Demand.  (For data geeks, the effectiveness index increased from 104 to 112-114 year over year when comparing TV campaigns).

How does that work? Here’s our customer’s marketing director in his own words:

AdVantics provides that link from a traditional way to buy media back to the actual purchase consumption. That link hasn’t always been there … you usually go by age, demographics, or interest when you typically buy media. This pins it to actual consumption of products.”

More specifically for this customer, AdVantics On Demand allowed them to get better at targeting buyers and figure out which premium ad spends were worth it. Before, they would just target adults and hope to grab some of their targets (males who normally make the buying decisions when it comes to what to put on the grill).

That meant avoiding paying premium ad prices to get nothing but males on networks such as ESPN, the Golf Channel or even outdoors-based networks, given the rates were sky high for those placements. Instead, they would hope for the best and just target adults 25-54 or adults with children.

But what AdVantics showed them was that perhaps a little more spend to better hit their target audience was worth it and could mean exponentially more sales. So networks such as The Military Channel came into play, for example. More premium buys might be in the offing as well.

And the data from last year led them to simplify their targeting model, reducing the number of targets to two from three last year.

“It really changed how we do buy … in a sense, it is a much, much more direct and precise way to get at those types of users,” our customer’s marketing director says.

Want to see the same kind of results? First, check out our tutorial video about AdVantics On Demand:

And please reach out to us for more information and let us help improve your TV Advertising.